Protea Foundry and Engineers -


Protea Brass Foundry Pty Ltd, trading as Protea Foundry & Engineers was established in the late 40's to supply non-ferrous castings to the marine building and engineering trades. Protea today is a SMME company using electric melting equipment to produce a vast range of standard & specialized castings to these trades, as well as finished products, machined in house. These include sacrificial anodes, bells, fish suction and other hose couplings, portholes, pumps, sea-cocks, ship's stern gear and shafts, stuffing boxes, warping heads etc. in aluminum, bronze and cast iron.

The anode section, then trading separately as Compactus Pty Ltd, but since assimilated into the parent company was established in the late 80's to supply sacrificial anodes to the South African marine trade. It originally imported alloyed zinc anode material from Imperial Smelting in the UK which it converted in its foundry in Cape Town to anodes in various sizes as required, acting as the SA agent for the UK Company.
Protea Foundry and Engineers - anodes
Today it produces a vast range of sacrificial anodes in both Zinc and Aluminum to international specifications and sizes. It numbers companies such as The National Port Authority, DCD Dormac, Cape Diving, Elgin Brown & Hammer, Premier Fishing, Tallie Marine, Supa Marine Namibia, all the ship chandlers and a host of smaller marine service and fishing companies among its customers, both for its anodes and marine hardware.

Protea offers in-house material testing done prior to casting on all anodes, this testing ensures Protea meets the requirements on all relevant material specifications.

It has the advantage of being able to offer a quick and reliable anodes supply service, keeping a large stock of standard weld-on and bolt-on zinc and aluminum anodes, as well as being able to manufacture specialized sizes and non-stock items within a 24 hour period if necessary.